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Moulded Rubber Products

We can supply products from 1mm x1mm till 2500mm x 2500mm. Range of moulded rubber products are: Rubber Gaskets, Rubber Bushes, Rubber Grommets, Rubber Caps, Rubber Mountings, Rubber Anti-Vibration Pads, Rubber straps. Here’s a sampling of the kinds of rubber moulded parts we make and the unique services and guarantees that we offer to our […]


                  Roller Regrinding and Recoating Roller Grooving Engineering Roller Repair We are supplying Polyurethane, Rubber, EDPM, and Silicone Rollers for a wide variety of applications including: Printing Rollers Polyurethane Sleeves Feed Rollers Coating Rollers Conveyor Rollers Grooved Rollers Laminating Rollers Drive rollers and pulleys Palletising Rollers Conveyor […]

Our Products

There are a wide range of rubber products / PU compounds such as: Natural Rubber (NR) Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) Nitrile Rubber (NBR) Neoprene Rubber (CR) Hypolon Rubber (CSM) Nitrile PVC Halogenated Nitrile Acrylic Rubber EPDM Rubber Silicone Rubber Butyl Rubber Polyurethane Other